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Driver Information

Please complete all fields so that we can verify your driver information. If you have booked additional drivers, please complete and submit a form for each driver.

The conditions of our insurance are as follows:
Driver(s) must be between 25 and 70 years of age, have held a full UK or EU licence for at least two years and have no endorsements except for speeding offences.
Driver(s) must not have more than 3 penalty points.
Driver(s) must not have been involved in more than one at-fault incident in the last 3 years
Driver(s) must not have had their licence suspended for any period within the last 3 years.
Driver(s) must not have obtained a BA(banned) DD(dangerous driving) or UT(theft) conviction.
If any driver does not meet these criteria please let us know immediately so that we can speak to our insurers

IMPORTANT: If driving licence(s) are not produced at the start of hire or do not match the details provided in advance, we will not be able to release the motorhome to you.

A DVLA check code can be generated here
If you don’t hold a UK licence, please contact us for advice

Do you have any licence endorsements ?(required)

Have you had any claims, accidents or convictions in the last 5 years ?(required)

Have you ever been refused motor insurance or had special conditions imposed?(required)

Have you ever obtained a BA (banned) DD (dangerous driving) or UT (theft) conviction?(required)

By clicking submit, you are agreeing that the information you have supplied is complete and accurate. Failure to provide complete and accurate information may lead to insurance being withdrawn and your booking cancelled.

We will verify your driver information and then confirm your booking, or contact you if additional information is required. If you do not hold a UK licence, are unable to provide a DVLA check code, or have any other questions about this information, please contact us quoting your booking reference or lead name.