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Terms and conditions

Vista Motorhomes
Terms and Conditions of Hire

Bookings: Reservation will be made on receipt of a 20% deposit and booking will be confirmed following verification of driver information. The balance of the hire price is payable no later than 30 days before the hire start date. If the balance is not paid by the due date, reminders will be given. If payment is not made after 2 reminders, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, the booking deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation must be made in writing and is subject to the following charges.

  • More than 6 weeks before the hire start date: forfeit of booking deposit.
  • 4-6 weeks: 50% of total hire fee will be payable.
  • 4 weeks or less before hire start date, or if you fail to turn up for commencement of hire, you will forfeit the full hire charge including deposit. This will also apply if, upon inspection of named drivers’ licences, they are found to be invalid or do not match the information provided on the booking form, or if the hirer fails to pay the required damage deposit before departure.

Vista Motorhomes will not refund any monies, nor have any obligation to provide a replacement vehicle, if the hirer decides to return the vehicle early, or the vehicle becomes unavailable during the hire period for any reason, including but not limited to, accident or theft. We recommend that the hirer takes out cancellation insurance.

Drivers must be between 25 and 70 years of age, have held a full UK or EU licence for at least two years and have no endorsements, except 3 points for speeding offences.
For drivers who do not meet these criteria, cover may be provided at the discretion of our insurers, additional charges may be applied and/or special conditions imposed. Drivers with non-UK licences must produce a valid unendorsed domestic driving licence and passport at collection, additional ID may also be required.
At the time of booking, all drivers must fully complete our driver information form.  UK licence holders must also provide a driving licence number and DVLA check code (plus a 2nd check code 2 weeks before collection). If the driver(s) fail to provide driver information within 2 weeks of booking or 2 weeks prior to collection (whichever is sooner) we reserve the right to cancel the booking and standard cancellation charges will apply.
If insurance is refused and no other driver can be insured, the booking will be cancelled. A refund may be offered at the discretion of Vista Motorhomes; provided driver details have been provided as requested and the hirer has co-operated in finding an alternative to cancellation.
All drivers must be present at collection; photo driving licence(s) must be presented, must show the drivers current address, and match the details provided in advance. Driver(s) must also provide 2 forms of proof of address, for example by a bank statement or utility bill (these must be less than 90 days old). If the licence has no photo, then a passport is also required. All drivers must sign the rental agreement. If the required documents are not provided at collection, are not valid or do not match the details provided in advance, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, no refund will be given.
If the driver commits an offence under the Road Traffic Act the hirer will be solely responsible for any fines, penalties, damages and personal injuries incurred.

Free parking; for the hirer’s own vehicle is available for the duration of the hire, one allocated parking space is provided per motorhome hire at Vista Motorhomes premises. Vehicles are left entirely at the owner’s risk, Vista Motorhomes does not accept any liability for loss or damage to vehicles left with us.

Collection: Standard collection time is between 12.00 and 13.00 on the first day of hire, standard collection days are Monday – Friday. During busy periods, we may request that you collect or return at alternative times. Collection and return outside the standard or agreed alternative times and/or days, must be agreed in advance.
The vehicle will be supplied in working order, cleaned and stocked as detailed in the inventory, the mileage will be recorded. Waste tanks will be empty as will the toilet cassette, gas cylinders will contain sufficient gas for typical usage for the duration of your hire. Any variation to this condition, including bodywork marks or scratches, will be detailed on the vehicle condition form. You will have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and inventory before signing the vehicle condition form to confirm your acceptance of the vehicle condition.
If the hirer does not arrive to collect the vehicle on the date and within the times specified on the booking, without contacting Vista Motorhomes prior to this; it will be deemed a ‘no show’. The booking will be automatically cancelled at close of business that day, the vehicle will be released for re-hire and no refunds will be given.
Vista Motorhomes reserves the right to refuse to hand over the vehicle to any hirer or driver that they are of the reasonable opinion is not fit to take charge of the motorhome. In this circumstance, any refund is at the discretion of Vista Motorhomes and no further liability is accepted.

Standard return days are Monday – Friday, the vehicle should be returned between 9.30 and 10:30 on the final day of hire, unless otherwise agreed with Vista Motorhomes. The vehicle should be in the same condition as detailed on the vehicle condition form, mileage should be within the limit as detailed on the rental agreement. The vehicle will usually be inspected within 24 hours of return, any discrepancies against the departure condition will be identified and the hirer informed. Any damage, missing items, mileage exceedance, failure to clean the vehicle or empty waste or toilet cassette, will result in deductions from the damage deposit.
If the hirer fails to return and vacate the vehicle within the agreed time on the last day of hire, a penalty charge of £50 per hour or part thereof will be charged, together with any additional costs incurred by the Vista Motorhomes. The Hirer will forfeit the full security deposit amount, should they abandon the vehicle without good cause and without prior agreement from Vista Motorhomes. If the hirer fails to return the vehicle as agreed and cannot be contacted, Vista Motorhomes, may consider the vehicle stolen and report it as such.
No refund will be given for the early return of the motorhome.

Security deposit: A refundable security deposit of £950 (unless otherwise advised in advance) is required to cover the insurance excess, plus any uninsured damage and/or mileage exceedance. This must be paid before the vehicle will be released. The security deposit is fully refundable upon return of the vehicle on the agreed date and time, within the agreed mileage and in the same condition as at the start of hire.  When these conditions are met, security deposits are usually returned within 24 hours, but not later than 7 days, of the vehicle’s return.
The hirer is responsible for all damage that occurs during the hire period. Where not covered by an insurance claim the full cost will be deducted from the security deposit. Charges may include any damage, breakages, loss or damage of equipment provided, or cleaning charges including but not limited to the following;

  • Dirty Fridge – £25
  • Dirty Cooker and hob – £25
  • Dirty Toilet compartment including shower – £25
  • Damage to Television – £250
  • Cassette Toilet not emptied – £50
  • Waste Tanks not emptied £15
  • Damage to blinds £150
  • Upholstery damage – Determined on inspection
  • Damage to vehicle bodywork – Determined on inspection

Vista Motorhomes may hold the security deposit while the cost or repairs or replacement is established. Reasonable administration costs for time spent on arranging repairs and/or replacements may also be charged.

Insurance: Our vehicles are comprehensively insured for use in the UK during the hire period for the named driver(s) as detailed on the signed rental agreement. Driving by non-named drivers and unauthorised late return of vehicle would render the insurance invalid.
In the event of damage to the windscreen or other glass, the hirer will be charged at the repair cost or glass excess (whichever is less) plus administration costs.
Any damage to tyres, bike rack (if fitted) awning (if fitted) damage above the height of the cab (top of the windscreen), fire damage caused by neglect e.g. (cooking) and damage inside the vehicle, is not covered by our insurance. The hirer is liable for the full cost of any such damage. Should any damages or costs exceed the security deposit, the customer must pay the amount over and above the security deposit, within 14 days of being notified of the cost.
Theft of personal property is not covered by our insurance, it is recommend that you take out your insurance to cover personal property.

Accidents: In the event of an accident, the hirer must inform Vista Motorhomes as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. The hirer or driver must obtain the names and addresses of third parties and any witnesses, note the date, time and location of the accident, and also provide photos if possible.  An accident form should be completed by the end of the hire period.
In the event of an insurance claim, the security deposit will be forfeit. The hirer and/or driver agree to assist Vista Motorhomes in handling all claims resulting from the accident, including providing all relevant information and attending Court if required. Where it can be proved that an identified 3rd party is liable, Vista Motorhomes will attempt to recover the excess from the third party, and if successful, refund this to the hirer.
PLEASE NOTE; no monies can or will be refunded if an accident occurs during hire and your holiday has to be cancelled/abandoned, we cannot be held liable for this regardless of blame.

Theft of the vehicle must be reported to the Police immediately, and to Vista Motorhomes. A crime reference number should be obtained and provided to Vista Motorhomes. Insurance does not cover theft of, or from the vehicle if: 

  • The vehicle has been left unlocked; 
  • They keys have been left inside the vehicle
  • Window(s) and/or door(s) have been left open; 
  • You have allowed someone else to drive the vehicle and they take it away.

In these circumstances, the hirer is 100% responsible for all losses to Vista Motorhomes.

Damage: The hirer is responsible for all damage that occurs during the hire period. Any damage (no matter how minor) to either the exterior or interior, must be reported to Vista Motorhomes immediately. This will enable us to order parts and/or arrange repairs.

Availability: Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the reserved motorhome is available, if it is not possible to supply that motorhome, or it becomes unavailable, due to circumstances beyond our control; We reserve the right to supply an alternative offering at least the same number of sleeping berths and belted seats.  In the unlikely event that we cannot supply a replacement vehicle, then only in this event will money be refunded. We will not be held responsible in any way for compensation beyond the refund of the hire charge.
Vista Motorhomes accepts no responsibility for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other loss claims arising from a Motorhome being or becoming unavailable. It is recommend that the hirer takes out cancellation insurance.

Breakdown: UK breakdown cover for any mechanical faults to the base chassis of the motorhome is included. The hirer is authorised to spend up to £50 on any minor repairs and/or replacement parts, and this will be reimbursed on production of a valid VAT receipt.  Any repairs above £50 must be authorised in advance by Vista Motorhomes.  Any call out charges caused by operator error, e.g. running out of fuel, will be the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer is responsible for repair and recovery costs associated with any breakdown, malfunction or damage caused by negligence or improper use. The breakdown cover is for roadside assistance only, should the vehicle become stuck at any time while ‘off road’ the hirer responsible for recovery and any associated costs.

Roadworthiness of the vehicle: Prior to handover, the vehicle will be checked and documented to be in a roadworthy condition. The hirer is responsible for checking and acting on any dashboard warnings including but not limited to; AdBlue, oil and water levels, and topping up with the correct type of fluids as necessary. The hirer is also responsible for checking and maintaining correct tyre pressures. If consumable items such as oil or coolant are required, please contact Vista Motorhomes and retain receipts to enable reimbursement.
Any fault in or on the vehicle must be reported to Vista Motorhomes as soon as possible, and the hirer must facilitate any necessary repairs.
The hirer is responsible for the roadworthiness of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers while the vehicle is in their care. Vista Motorhomes will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage sustained by the hirer or any third party as a result of the presence or use of the vehicle.  

Other faults; the hirer must communicate to Vista Motorhomes any defects with the hire vehicle or its equipment within the first 24 hours of the hire. If a fault in the habitation area occurs during your hire, we will make every effort to help diagnose the fault and advise on repair options. In the unlikely event of a major failure that cannot be resolved and renders the motorhome unusable (provide that the failure is not due to negligence or mis-use) a replacement vehicle or partial refund may be offered at our discretion. If a fault is found to be due to mis-use or negligence, no refund will be given, and the hirer will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Use of the vehicle: Vista Motorhomes hire is intended for private and personal use, as a vehicle for leisure and tourism, no other use is permitted without prior written authorisation from Vista Motorhomes.
Vehicles must not be taken outside mainland UK without prior written agreement from Vista Motorhomes. Additional EU hire charges and terms and conditions apply for any use outside the UK, except Northern Ireland (see Terms and Conditions of EU Hire). Any vehicle taken outside the UK without prior written agreement, may be considered stolen and reported as such. The vehicle must not be driven ‘off road’ other than on and for reasonable access to campsites.
Vehicles must not be taken onto event sites, for example, festivals, without prior written agreement from Vista Motorhomes, additional security deposit may be required.
Vista Motorhomes reserve the right to use a GPS tracker system fitted to the vehicle, to identify the location and speed of the motorhome at any given time. The hirer must not tamper with the tracking system, any attempt to do so may result in the vehicle being reported as stolen.
The hirer may not assign, sublet or lend the hired vehicle to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Road charges and fines: The hirer is responsible for any speeding fines, parking fines, penalty charges and road charges including, but not limited to tolls, congestion charges, emission zone charges, for the duration of hire. The hirer is required to pay any such fine or charge as soon as it is presented, Vista Motorhome reserves the right to pass on the hirer and/or driver(s) details to the relevant authorities.

No Smoking or Vaping: Smoking or vaping inside our hire vehicles is strictly prohibited. A penalty of £250 will be imposed if any evidence of smoking or vaping is found inside the vehicle. In addition, the full damage deposit will be forfeit if damage is caused by smoking or vaping. We also operate a no-smoking or vaping policy in any awnings or gazebos supplied as part of your hire.

Pets: Strictly no animals are allowed in our motorhomes except motorhomes specifically designated and hired as pet friendly. Additional conditions and cleaning charges may be applied.

Mileage of up to 200 miles per day, taken as an average over the hire period (for example 1400 miles over 7 days hire) is included in your hire. Mileage in excess of this will incur a charge of 45p per mile, unless otherwise agreed in advance with Vista Motorhomes.

Fuel: A full tank of fuel is supplied with the vehicle at the start of hire and the hirer is required to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, please check the fuel gauge.  There will be a surcharge of £20 plus the cost of fuel for any fuel shortage. The hirer will be liable if incorrect fuel type is used or AdBlue incorrectly used.  In the circumstance where incorrect fuel is used or fluids put into an incorrect tank, do not start or drive the vehicle, and contact the breakdown assistance provided; driving the vehicle will cause significant damage to the engine. Any cost for draining the tanks and/or fuel system and repairs for damage caused by negligence, improper fuelling or AdBlue use, will be the liability of the hirer and must be repaired/made good at the hirer’s expense.

Tanks: The hirer will be liable for rectification costs associated with putting fluid in the wrong tank, e.g. AdBlue in fuel tank, or vice versa.

Gas: Our vehicles are supplied with LPG canisters to power the cooking, hot water and some heating systems (vehicle specific).  If additional gas is required during hire, these can be exchanged at many petrol stations or camping shops, canisters must be exchanged for a canister of the same brand (Calor) size and type. If the cylinder is at least half full at the start of hire (this will be detailed on the vehicle condition form) exchange costs will be at the hirer’s expense. If it is supplied less than half full, the exchange cost will be refunded subject to production of a valid receipt.

Other responsibilities of the hirer:

For the duration of the hire, the hirer;

  • Shall be liable for all costs related to damage above the height of the cab (the top of the windscreen) to the body of vehicle. The maximum height of the vehicle is clearly stated in the handover pack.
  • Shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle, as defined by the number of belted seats.
  • Shall ensure that the driver and all passengers required by law to do so, wear the seatbelts provided at all times when the vehicle is being driven.
  • Shall not allow the vehicle to be overloaded.
  • Shall not drive, or allow the vehicle to be driven by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Shall not use the vehicle to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.
  • Shall not use the vehicle to tow or move another vehicle in any way.
  • Shall drive within the designated speed limit at all times.
  • Shall not drive the vehicle off road, except to allow parking in designated campsites.
  • Is liable for any costs associated with recovery of the vehicle if it becomes bogged.
  • Shall not use the vehicle for racing, pace keeping, reliability or speed testing, or teaching someone to drive.
  • Shall ensure that the gas is turned off and any items not fixed down are made secure, when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Shall ensure that roof vents and windows (excluding cab windows) are closed when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Shall be liable for costs incurred if incorrect fuel type is used, AdBlue put in fuel tank or fuel put in AdBlue tank.
  • Shall not, without written consent from Vista Motorhomes, remove the vehicle from the UK mainland.
  • Shall not, without written consent from Vista Motorhomes use the motrohome at festival sites.
  • Shall not use the vehicle for any illegal purpose.
  • Shall remove all personal possessions from the vehicle at the end of the hire period. Vista Motorhomes will attempt to contact the hirer if any personal possessions are found in the vehicle. The hirer is responsible for collection of such items within 14 days, otherwise they may be disposed of.  

Breach of terms and conditions: Vista Motorhomes may terminate the hire and repossess the vehicle at any time, without notification, and the hirer must pay the reasonable costs of repossessing the vehicle, including towing and recovery charges if;
– The hirer is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this document;
– The hirer has obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
– The vehicle appears to be abandoned;
– The hirer has damaged the vehicle through negligence or mis-use;
– Vista Motorhomes have been notified of any offences carried out in the vehicle
– The vehicle is taken outside the UK without prior written agreement.

Limitations & Liabilities: Vista Motorhomes accepts no responsibility for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other loss claims arising from a motorhome failure, breakdown or accident (however breakdown cover is included).

General: The motorhome and its contents remain the property of Vista Motorhomes at all times.  The hirer is required to keep the vehicle securely locked, with windows closed, at all times when it is left unattended.
Vista Motorhomes reserve the right to use a GPS tracker system fitted to the vehicle to identify the location and speed of the motorhome at any given time.

Privacy Policy: For the purposes of hiring out our motorhomes we will collect and hold personal information on the hirer and driver. This data is purely for business purposes, it is stored at our secure office on our computer system which is username and password protected, on GDPR compliant systems, also in paper form. We do not pass on your information to third parties or agents, unless necessary.
It may become necessary to share personal data with certain third parties, including, but not limited to;
– Operators of toll and parking systems; the respective authorities for the direct imposition of charges, costs, toll fees or fines and administrative fines;
– The credit card company of the Hirer for the purpose of settlement. Personal data may also be passed on in the event of court proceedings or bills being protested.
– Vista Motorhomes may also pass on such data, with a justified interest, if statements made in obtaining the vehicle are incorrect, the vehicle is taken outside the UK without prior agreement or the vehicle is not returned within 4 hours of the agreed return time. The data can be passed on to all authorities responsible for the prosecution of administrative offences and criminal offences in the event the Hirer behaved dishonestly.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions should be or become: ineffective, impracticable, or if the contract does not cover a particular gap, this shall not affect the remaining contents of the contract.

Vista Motorhomes reserves the right to vary terms and conditions at any time.

All references to ‘Vista Motorhomes’ and ‘we’ in this document refer to Kathye Vicente; a sole trader, trading as Vista Motorhomes.

All references to ‘the hirer’ and ‘you’ in this document refer to the person(s) named on the booking form and/or rental agreement.

All references to ‘the driver’ in this document refer to the person(s) named on the booking form and/or rental agreement as verified drivers.

All reference to the ‘vehicle’ and ‘the motorhome’ refer to the vehicle as described on the booking confirmation and includes tyres, tools, accessories, the living equipment and any other special equipment, documents related to the vehicle and any replacement or substitute vehicle which may be provided.

By booking with Vista Motorhomes, the hirer and driver(s) are accepting these terms and conditions

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